current pack

Lomasi & Anoki


Anoki and Lomasi were rescued together and joined our pack in 2010. They were bred in Ohio and then someone here in Maine thought they would be good pets. They had them as cubs and as they grew the people were afraid and not sure of how to care for them. Luckily we were able to rescue them and they have been here since.

Trouble & Breeze

Trouble is a timber wolf, german shepard, Czechoslovakian wolf dog mix. Breeze is a timber wolf, german shepard mix. Breeze is 12 years old, Trouble is 9 years old.

Trouble and Breeze are mother and son. They came here with Kota, all from the same home in 2013.  


Loon & Dakota

Loon is an artic wolf and husky mix. She got her name from the noise she makes when she howls, she sounds like a Loon. Loon is 9 years old. Dakota is an Alaskan malamute and gray wolf mix. Dakota means friend or ally in Native American. He is blind. He has glaucoma which causes pressure on the brain and is painful so we removed one of his eyes and may have to remove the other to relieve the pain. His blindness was caused from malnutrition and blunt force trauma over the head. 


Dakota is 11 years old.

Loon and Dakota were rescued together on an episode of North Woods Law and joined our pack in 2013. 


Kota is a gray wolf and husky mix. He came from a good home, his pet parent passed away from cancer and Kota came to our sanctuary so that he wouldn’t end up in a shelter. Kota was rescued with Trouble and Breeze. Kota joined our pack in 2013. Kota means “happiness” in Japanese. Kota is 11 years old.

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